Step 1.

The application is designed to work on almost any platform or device.

Simply download from the app store or add to your home screen for easy access.

Step 2

Simply click on any of the 12 domain buttons/squares and begin searching that category for services available in your area. Not sure what button to press? Simply enter a word or phrase in the search box located on the Home screen.

Step 3

Once you select a category, you may browse providers in the area

Step 4

Searching Education
Our Inspired Living Institute is home to our education materials. Each category has a unique education section attached and the information in that area may help refine your thoughts and questions. You can find professional articles; videos and helpful information that may help provide the needed information on the topic you are searching for

Step 5

My Checklist
To build your own “To Do” list, simply add any of the providers or education elements into the Add to Checklist button and start creating your own customized plan of action. The checklist may then be printed, emailed and shared or saved for future reference.

Create Your Checklist

Step 6

Using The Wellness Wheel

Create your own customized Wellness Wheel. Simply answer the questions and see your results. The Wheel is designed to be an indication of your perceived overall wellness as it relates to the Eight Dimensions of Wellness (see article in Education section). The Wheel should be round. Flat spots indicate areas that you may wish to improve or explore. Suggested educational materials are listed in each “Flat” area triggered. You may also contact our Connect office and schedule an appointment to meet with a specialized staff member to review your Wheel results.

Create Your Wellness Wheel