Driving: Quick Tips

Below are some quick items to review when thinking about driving, or when working with an older driver.

Before you leave home:

  • Plan to drive on streets you know.
  • Only drive to places that are easy to get to and close to home.
  • Avoid risky spots like ramps and left turns.
  • Add extra time for travel if you must drive when conditions are poor.
  • Limit how much you drive at night.
  • Don’t drive when you are stressed or tired.

While you are driving:

  • Always wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers wear their seat belts, too.
  • Wear your glasses and/or hearing aid, if you use them.
  • Stay off your cell phone.
  • Avoid distractions such as eating, listening to the radio, or chatting.
  • Make sure there is enough space behind your car. If someone follows you too closely, slow down and pull over if needed to let that person pass you.
  • Use your window defrosters to keep both the front and back windows clear.
  • Keep your headlights on at all times.

Car safety:

  • Drive a car with air bags.
  • Check your windshield wiper blades often and replace them when needed.
  • Keep your headlights clean and aimed in the right direction.
  • Think about getting hand controls for both the gas and brake pedals if you have leg problems.
  • Keep your car in good repair to avoid problems on the road.

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