What Are The Types Of Home Care In Arizona?

The terms Home Care, Home Health and Medical vs. Non Medical Home Health can be confusing. Often they are used interchangeably and can vary from state to state. Only a Medicare Home Health Care provider follows the same federal regulations across every state. State licensed agencies may all have different regulations. Depending on your insurance and level of need, all agencies may not function the same way in your home or, provide the level of service that you need in the home. It is helpful to start with defining some of the terms most commonly used today.

What is Non Medicare Home Care?

Non Medicare Home Care or sometimes called simply, Home Health is generally provided by Non Medicare certified providers. Sometimes these providers are licensed in the state they operate within, but that is not always true. Non Medicare providers may bill private insurance for some or all payments required for service and generally accept private payment. These agencies may or may not provide nursing or skilled types of services.

What is Medical Home Health Care in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, Home Health Care agencies that provide nursing or therapy services, provided by licensed nurses or therapists, which are under the direction and order of a physician, are considered to be Medical Home Care services. These agencies are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health and follow strict regulations regarding how to operate and provide services. These agencies may also provide Supportive services within their agency that do not need a physicians’ order, but continue to follow the same rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Health. These agencies accept private pay and some may accept long term care insurance policies. Agencies may be state licensed only and not participate in the Medicare Home Health program.

What is Non Medical Home Care in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, Home Health Care agencies that do not provide skilled nursing services are considered to be Non Medical Home Care services. These agencies are not licensed by the Arizona Department of Health and follow independent guidelines. These agencies are not required to follow any uniform regulations or standards. These agencies typically provide companion services, offering such assistance as housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation. Most Non Medical agencies accept private pay as a primary payment; some may accept insurance coverage from non Medicare insurance providers. There are no formal processes or legal standards for establishing a Non Medical Home Care agency in the state of Arizona.


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