Shefa Life counceling Center

My goal is to help you gain insight and reach wholeness. When you finish treatment my hope is that you will be strengthened in your ability to live your life on purpose and with happiness. I believe in hard work and during our sessions you will be challenged to face yourself, your past and to figure out what you want for your future. I will be there to encourage you, empathize with you and empower you to heal, grow and embrace what you desire out of life.
I have extensive training in treating children and adolescents with severe behaviors and emotional difficulties. In addition, I have received advanced training in conducting academic and psychological evaluations, family and group interventions, substance abuse treatment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
I have worked in community mental health centers, substance abuse day programs, impatient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, crisis center, group homes, adolescent partial hospitalization, homes, churches and public school settings. I am a Christian and I take into account the spirit, mind and body in my therapeutic work.